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The Free Original Belfast Walking Tour

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    The Free Original Belfast Walking Tour

    Welcome to the Original Free Belfast Tour! Belfast is a city of beautiful complexities which is constantly transforming and revealing a new aspect of it’s nature. Our Original Belfast FREE Walking Tour will show you all the beauty, history, excitement and inspiration Belfast has to offer. The name “Belfast” is rooted in the Gaelic“Beal Feirste” which means mouth of sandy ford, this is very telling to the city’s relationship with the water which provided the city’s historic growth. From there Belfast developed a unique and strong history with industry and trade. As the port city expanded to be home to the infamous Titanic and it’s shipyards! Both one of the city’s major triumphs and tragedies, this is an example of one of the many historical sights we explore on our tour!


    Our FREE walking tour is a three hour long extensive tour of the history and culture of what makes up Belfast. We aim to offer you a tour which is comprehensive, informative and fun! The city is rich in monuments which reflect the glorious and the many dark moments of Belfast’s past, and we’re excited to share all the incredible stories behind them. Belfast has come a long way since the violent conflict called the Troubles, with many monuments commemorating peace, but also leaving many influential sights of bombings and violence. Join us and dive into all the historical sites, stories and art that continues to shape Belfast today.

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    The Free Original Belfast Tour is about 2.5-3 hours and features:

    St George Market History of Belfast
    May St. Church The Albert Clock / Big Fish
    Belfast City Hall The River Lagan
    The Cathedral Quarter Grand Opera House
    Peace Wall St. Peters Cathedral
    Clifton House Peace Process and Modern Belfast
    Shipyards and Maritime History Belfast Cathedral & Memorial Gardens
    Titanic Quarter  AND MUCH, MUCH MORE

    Our tour guides are local experts with a true passion for the history and culture of Belfast. This is a FREE walking tour, you decide the price! Tipping is encouraged, because love doesn’t pay the bills but the amount is totally up to you! That’s why we always strive to provide you with the best possible tours. Our guides are always ready to give recommendations for the best food, drink, fun and culture for the city they call home. The exact route of the tour is susceptible to changes, depending on the guide, the group and the weather to ensure the best possible experience for you!

    This Tour meets Everyday @ 11:00 and 13:00

    Meeting Point: In front of the Belfast City Hall,

    Donegall Square, Belfast BT1 5GS, United Kingdom

    (Our guides have worked hard to make this a one of a kind tour! Look out for imitators and only head for the Original Belfast Umbrella)


    Reserve your spot online to ensure you have a place on the tour. Or you can show up at the meeting point.

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    Meets Everyday 11:00 & 13:00
    In front of the Belfast City Hall, Donegall Square, Belfast BT1 5GS
    Hans (Germany)
    "Belfast is a great place to have some fun, and this tour was where it all started for me!" - Hans (Germany)
    Chad (U.S.A.)
    "Great way to learn all about Belfast!" - Chad (U.S.A.)