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The Original Belfast Alternative Tour

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    The Original Belfast Alternative Tour

    Belfast has incredibly interesting and complex history but also a massive up and coming underground local scene which represents Belfast culture as being so much more than shipyards and bombings. If you’re looking for something different than your average tour the Original Belfast FREE Alternative Tour is for you! We explore the underground scene that only a local could show you! The city is riddled with hidden alleyways and corners offering wonderful surprises. The winding roads and secret nooks are well worth the hunt for the real gritty artistic scene in Belfast. We will explore the music, art and theatre scene in Belfast, the new gastronomic movement, the underground street art and graffiti scene, markets, legends and stories, and so much more! In Belfast, there’s always more than meets the eye. You won’t find this in your guidebooks, this is a first-hand experience guided by expats and locals who know the city as home. The tour prides itself on being an informative, social and unique experience. Travelling should be relaxed and fun, and we hope to help you on the way!

    The food scene in Belfast has been skyrocketing in popularity, quality, and creativity. The city is becoming increasingly gastronomic, with food influences coming from many different cultures and medians of art. Eating out in Belfast is not just an experience for your taste buds but for all your senses and we have the best local recommendations. Depending on the day of the week our alternative tour will take you to St. George’s Market, Belfast’s home to an amazing market which always has live music, interesting treasures, and great food.

    To say street art in Belfast is popular would be a massive understatement. Street art and murals have largely had very pronounced and serious political connotations in Belfast, often related to sectarianism and paramilitaries. Many artists are trying to move past the dark times of the Troubles and have used street art as a way to promote peace and change. Not only will we dive into the world of the infamous and historical murals that line the city but also take a chance to explore the innovative new artists whose work is starting to move past politics and into representing the creativity pouring out of the city. And not just street art! Belfast as a major university city is always pumping out new creations in the form of music, art, and theatre!

    As if it couldn’t get any better, we offer the tour for free! The guides are true locals who can’t wait to share their city and passion with you! That being said, tips are always encouraged… We wouldn’t want to take the saying starving artists too literally ;). The exact route of the tour is susceptible to changes, depending on the guide, the group, and the weather to ensure the best possible experience for you!

    Be prepared for the best recommendations for pubs, clubs, cafes and anything else the cool kids are doing these days from our guides!

    This Alternative Belfast  walking tour lasts 2.5-3 hours long and will include:

    • Galleries
    • Street Art and Graffiti
    • Alternative Scenes
    • Hidden Markets and Shops
    • Food Places, Pubs and Cafe
    • Local and Live music
    • Local Folk-Lore, Legends and Stories
    • Local Theatre and Arts

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    Hans (Germany)
    "Belfast is a great place to have some fun, and this tour was where it all started for me!" - Hans (Germany)
    Chad (U.S.A.)
    "Great way to learn all about Belfast!" - Chad (U.S.A.)